U.S. Petroleum Refiner and Supplier

Corrado American has been an indispensable partner in the construction and rehabilitation of over six miles of rail track at a New Castle County refinery, providing site grading and drainage improvements. In addition, Corrado American placed ballast for the rail bed prep and provided support to the rail and toe construction team.

Coordination and staging of track improvements were critical in completing the project since the rail lines were in constant use in the active refinery. Meetings and communications with several entities were required daily. Due to limited time allowed onsite, crews had to maintain rigorous sequencing to ensure the work progressed. Corrado American persevered, sometimes working around the clock to ensure the project was completed on time.

Rail construction ranged from single rail lines to multiple rail storage lines. Several road crossings and pavement improvements were performed during these projects, requiring the local department of transportation to be on-site.

In addition, Corrado American provided foundation construction for the pipeline, scales, and unloading racks. Precast concrete troughs and tunnels were constructed, followed by jacking and boring of the pipelines.


Project:U.S. Petroleum Refiner and Supplier

Location:Delaware City, Delaware


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million