Reshaping The Mid-Atlantic Region For Over 70 Years

Corrado American is trusted by the world’s leading companies to deliver the most challenging civil construction projects and maintenance support services – while keeping safety our first priority. Global companies such as General Motors, Balfour Beatty, Astra Zeneca, DuPont, Savage Services, Bank of America, Matrix/Kvaerner, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, PBF Energy, NRG, and Hewlett Packard turn to Corrado American for their mission-critical construction and maintenance needs.


A union shop founded in 1945, Corrado American created a new service niche in the early 2000s that includes extensive industrial maintenance support and railway preparation and maintenance services. Providing these new services have allowed us to now count on-site electrical and mechanical contractors as clients as well as GCs, CMs and owners within the refineries and energy plants we work. With over 70 years of field experience, Corrado American has the knowledge and commitment necessary to avoid obstacles and pitfalls before they have a major impact on project schedules and budgets.

A Strong Heritage Built On Family Values

Since our founding in 1945, Corrado American has been a client-focused organization committed to the highest standards in everything we do.  Our founder, Joseph S. Corrado, coined the phrase “The Corrado Way” which became an aspirational credo that guided our efforts then and still does today.  This credo represents the notion that hard work and diligence bring their own reward and this inner drive for excellence underpins our long record of accomplishment.


Featured Clients

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Service Overview

Civil Construction

Corrado American offers full-service civil construction work including both site work and concrete. We are pros at pouring pump pads, tank pads and foundations, water tank foundations, and pipe supports. With a well-maintained fleet of heavy equipment and fully-trained operators dedicated to every project, Corrado’s utility crews are highly skilled in the installation of water and sewer lines, manholes, and storm water facilities. Other civil construction services include excavation, curbing, sidewalks, paving, erosion control and demolition.

Industrial Maintenance Support

In addition to traditional site/civil construction work, Corrado found a new market in industrial maintenance support at the turn of this century. This additional focus has transformed Corrado into a one-stop shop. Serving onsite electrical and mechanical contractors, as well as GCs, CMs and owners, we provide logistical support, day-to-day maintenance, and material transportation and haul-away at chemical, power, and petroleum plants, as well as refineries. Because we’re usually already on-site – with access to an extensive equipment fleet – Corrado American can meet your logistical needs so you don’t have to contract out with multiple subs not yet on-site.

Railway Preparation and Maintenance

Beginning with our decades-long maintenance contract with the Delaware City Refinery, Corrado has been able to facilitate the refining industry’s renewed interest in moving oil by rail. To accommodate this new focus and the resulting expansion of rail systems, Corrado has effectively adapted to the need for railway preparation, support services for new systems, and various types of upgrades to existing systems. We have experience in demolishing and removing existing rails systems, performing earthwork and sub-base preparation, and making storm/water and drainage improvements as well as road improvements at rail crossings.  This work has allowed us to become a key partner in the construction and maintenance of the rail infrastructure industry.