For the more than seventy years that Corrado American has been leading the field in the civil construction industry, our management and employees have recognized that the very best job is the safest job. Our primary focus has always been on keeping our job sites safe—for our own employees and for those of our fellow contractors, subcontractors and owners. In recognition of the importance of this mission we have developed a program which puts safety first – a program built on education, innovation and dedication. This is how, with a total of 1,043,564 manhours, Corrado American has maintained an average EMR of .8091 over the past ten years!

We realize the very best job is the safest job.

- Frank L. Corrado

Education begins the day an employee joins our workforce. We provide safety orientation on day one to each of our employees. Education is continued and expanded throughout the employee’s career with our Toolbox Talks. These discussions are led by field supervisors and are conducted on a weekly basis. Topics include those of general interest as well as job specific procedures. Included in the safety education process are OSHA, USDOT, FHA, and state and local compliance and regulations appropriate for the location and nature of each project.

Our desire to exceed safety standards in every instance has led us to develop innovative safety programs. We have a well-developed incident investigation procedure. Our documentation focuses not only on the cause of a problem, but more importantly on learning as much as possible from any occurrence to prevent similar events in the future. Each of our job sites is inspected daily for safety.

Finally, our safety success is the product of a dedicated workforce at both management and staff levels. We have learned to respect safety as an integral part of our mission and we always work with respect for our motto, “Safety first—for your tomorrow”.

Safety Program

Corrado American looks at its commitment to safety as a cornerstone of the Company’s principles. Some of the initiatives we take to ensure the safety of our crews include:

ISNetworld Membership

Corrado American has been a member of ISNetworld for ten years. In order to have remained in good standing for the past decade, we have met client-specific and regulatory standards that focus on a zero-incident safety culture. ISNetworld provides a streamlined qualification process for refineries, chemical plants and other heavy industrial industries that eliminates duplicative processes, facilitates communication and promotes transparency. Contractors in ISNetworld have a 52% lower incident rate compared to the industry average (2013) in the United States. As an ISNetworld member, we have benefited from the proactive and preventative measures they offer, which help identify potential gaps in written health and safety programs and keep driving continuous safety improvement.


The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) is a government program that allows workers to access secure areas without an escort. TWIC Cards are biometric tamper-resistant cards that prove that a worker has passed a threat assessment by the Department of Homeland Security. The assessment considers convictions, arrest warrants and indictments for certain offenses. Many refineries and energy plants now require TWIC cards to enter their facilities. Corrado American’s employees have been issued TWIC cards, ensuring we provide you a respectable crew.

BOP Training

Basic Orientation Plus (BOP) was created by the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC). ARSC was originally formed to address the need for uniform and consistent training of contract workers in the petrochemical plant environment. However, ARSC programs are now used in many industrial environments. Basic Orientation Plus® prepares the worker to perform various duties in the safest possible manner. Upon successful completion of the course and testing, workers receive a Basic Orientation Plus® badge that lists the training and its expiration date. Again, all Corrado American employees have gone through BOP training.

The Corrado Way

One of our foreman, Jim Mosuly explaining safety and “The Corrado Way” to his carpenters early in the morning before starting work for the day.