Slide 1945 - 50's Company expands to include site development, excavation, paving, utilities and adds public sector work including parks, sanitary sewers, water lines and redevelopment. Joseph J. Corrado joins after graduating St. Joseph’s College. 80's -90's The Company unionizes and moves to 2400 West Fourth St. 60's - 70's Company merges with American Rentals 2000's Company is renamed Corrado American. Company buys first piece of heavy equipment on a handshake - a Caterpillar D2 Dozer. Today, Corrado American's services include comprehensive civil construction services including both sitework and concrete as well as extensive industrial maintenance support and railway preparation/maintenance. Company expands to include residential subdivision work, small commercial and new school projects. Tony Brown joins Company as Safety Director in 2000 and is promoted to President in 2017. The Company moves to 25 acre property at 200 Marsh Lane. Frank L. Corrado joins after serving in the Marine Corps. Joseph S. Corrado founds Corrado Brothers with his brother Lawrence.