Nationally-Owned Bank

Corrado American has provided civil/site construction and construction management services for both rehabilitation and new construction projects for a national bank’s regional campuses.

Rehabilitation projects included mill and overlay of existing pavements, repair of failing pavement areas, replacement of curb and sidewalk, replacement of site lighting, seal coat and striping of existing asphalt, construction of a “Florida T” intersection, and installation and repair of underground utilities.

New projects include installation of flood relief devices in an existing pond, demolition and reconstruction of a flood wall, installation of a walking trail and code blue safety system, and grading/paving of new parking lots.

All of Corrado American’s work has been performed in active banking offices. Close coordination and staging of the work has been necessary to maintain normal operations for the Bank. Several of the projects have been performed in areas that had restrictions due to protected wildlife and sensitive animal habitats. Corrado American collaborated with the design engineers and local government agencies to ensure that the work was performed in accordance with local regulations and within the scheduled durations allowed.


Project:Banking Campuses


Design Professional:Geo-Technology Associates

Location:Stanton, Bear and Wilmington Delaware locations


Job Size:$1 - $3 Million

Duration:7 months

Date of CompletionDecember 2018