Project Scope

Earthwork, utilities, and parking lot for a new school addition, plus foundations and slab for the new addition.

  • Earthwork: 2,000 CY
  • Utilities: 300 LF
  • Paving: 350 Tons
  • Concrete: 7300 SF
  • Curb: 450 LF
  • Sidewalk: 140 LF

Key Challenges

Space was a major challenge on this project due to the small footprint, but we coordinated with BSS and the other trades to make everything work. In addition, the proposed school addition footprint was located in a previously fill area which was not considered suitable for foundation support. Corrado American worked closely with the geotechnical engineer to remediate the ground conditions for support of the structure.

Project:Westtown Elementary

Client:BSS Contractors

Design Professional:DL Howell & Associates

Location:West Chester, PA

Job Size:Under 1 Million

Duration:Under 1 Year

Date of Completion:August 2022